Crowdfarming allows you to commit to a share of an animal and contribute to a new way of farming.

New concept to buy A-grade, organic, traceable and therefore sustainable meat online. By using our online platform, you are able to share an animal with a "crowd". A "crowd" is a group of like-minded people also interested in the welfare of the animals and conscious about sustainable farming. Crowdfarming combines the traditional way of sharing the entire animal -from head to toe- with other people interested in tasty & healthy meat. Through our online platforms we provide access to small, independent farmers with the greatest, possible level of transparency available anywhere.


Sharing an animal is a traditional principle, practiced over generations. The practice allowed the farmer to provide for a good living. The animal was part of the family and integral part of the farm. The animal was treated humanely and with respect. This way of life is thought to be lost.


Often we don’t know where our meat comes from, so-called Mystery Meat. All we see is a piece of meat, pre-packed at the retailer of your choice together with some Marketing claim. Supermarkets wants to make us believe that the meat offered is cut by a traditional butcher focussed on quality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nowadays meat is a mass-traded commodity, where the lowest price drives demand as a way to keep the customer with the supermarket. There is no dedication, passion.


We believe that meat should be enjoyed like wine, with an appreciation for the varieties and a deeper knowledge of the source of the food you consume. An animal's, how it was raised, and how the meat is cut and prepared are easily as rich a subject as grapes, and are worthy of our attention. Crowdfarming is simply a better way to eat meat.